Hello from Amanda and Susannah! Aug 2017

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Hello from Amanda and Susannah!

Sheryl asked me to write and tell you of our mission experience in Llanca last Summer, 2017.

We agreed to join Love Cambodia and the Elim church at Llança for 2 weeks over the summer break to offer practical and spiritual togetherness to our brothers and sisters there, but also have a heart for the local community.

Susannah and I came alongside other volunteers in the Love Cambodia mission and helped clean and tidy, sort clothes and set out the ‘stalls’ each morning and afternoon.We quickly became part of a great team and shared many laughs as well as testing times with our new friends.God is good!

I was also able to teach Sunday School the first Sunday there and taught the 4 lovely girls about Esther from the bible and we covered Esther’s life and imparted to them that they were born ‘for such a time as this!’We also made crowns to signify that when we are in God’s Kingdom , we are part of His royal family and He gives us work to do and sends us on many missions in our lifetime!

It was a great blessing for me to be able to share my testimony the following Sunday , of how I accepted Jesus Christ into my life in 1994 and also to speak of my past and also of how God brought me into a glorious future.Oh, how He loves us!And boy, does He have things for us to do!I am reminded of this more so these last few days as we celebrate , worldwide, the man who was Billy Graham!

So, if you are thinking, or saying to God in prayer, ‘Here I am Lord, send me!’ ….You won’t be disappointed if He sends you to work with Love Cambodia in Llanca!There are lots of people who would love to meet you and would love you to come alongside them and help them.The local church community is lovely and , prayerfully, they will be adding to their numbers as the Lord leads them!

Heidi Baker says ‘ Do small acts with great love’.I think Mother Teresa said it before her!I agree.Share your life, share the love! And be thankful!

Lots of love, your sister in Christ , Amanda Patchett. xxx

From Bradford, England.
Summer 20017



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